Virginia Title Insurance Licensing

Licensing Requirements

Effective July 1, 2008, anyone making an application for a title agent license must first complete a 16 hour pre-licensing education course, as set forth in the Code of Virginia § 38.2-1814.1. To view the full ruling, click here. Students must also sit for a state-monitored exam. At the time of the exam, students must present the course completion certificate and notarized student affidavit. For more information on licensing in Virginia, please view VLTA's licensing information here: Pillar 1 Virginia.


Virginia attorneys may conduct residential real estate settlements as RESA registered attorneys without completion of the Title Insurance Pre-Licensing class, however anyone wishing to issue title insurance must complete the title insurance licensing course and exam. 


For those licensed as title insurance agents in other states, non-resident licensing rules may apply. Virginia offers reciprocity with many other states. Learn more from the Virginia Bureau of Insurance

Non-Attorney Settlement Agents

Unless you are a RESA registered, licensed attorney or a qualified real estate broker or financial institution, individuals wishing to conduct real estate settlements in Virginia must take the Title Insurance Pre-Licensing Course. Learn more here.

VCTSA vs. Title Insurance Pre-Licensing

The Title Insurance Pre-Licensing course is required for the issuance of title insurance in Virginia. The course is also required for laypersons wishing to conduct real estate settlements. The VCTSA course (Virginia Certified Title Settlement Agent) is recommended as an advanced course to be taken AFTER the Pre-Licensing course. It is NOT a substitute for the Pre-Licensing course, and cannot qualify a person to sit for the title insurance licensing examination.  

For more information on VLTA's Title Insurance Pre-licensing Course and to REGISTER: Title Insurance Licensing.

Virginia Licensing Information - Online Services Available in Virginia

Virginia's new Sircon for StatesTM solutions provides online licensing services such as appointments and producer access to status and updates.  These services are completely paperless and web-based, expediting the licensing processes.


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Examination and Registry

The Candidate Handbook is the most comprehensive resource for prospective licensees. Access Licensing Information, What to Bring to an Exam, Exam Scheduling, Exam Fees, Content Outlines, Testing Center Rules and more.