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Virginia Land Title Association is Virginia's premier provider of land title industry education! We offer courses to satisfy Virginia's Bureau of Insurance Continuing Education (CE) requirements for licensed title insurance agents, MCLE credits for settlement attorneys, certification programs for Title Examiners (VCTE) and Title Settlement Agents (VCTSA), and continuing education for certification programs (CCE). VLTA also provides Title Insurance Pre-Licensing Education. Earn credits online or at VLTA's live events.

Title Insurance Pre-Licensing

VLTA offers title insurance Pre-Licensing education for those wishing to obtain a Virginia Title Insurance Agent's License (producer's license). The Title Insurance License is required for non-attorneys wishing to conduct real estate settlements in Virginia. VLTA's revised course strictly adheres to the examination content outline offered by the Virginia Bureau of Insurance. Both live and online classes are led by VLTA past president, Kevin Pogoda, Esq., whose amusing and informative content has been lauded by students statewide. Our class is fun and engaging - and has the highest pass-rate of any class offered in Virginia. To register for an upcoming live class, click here. This class is also available online.

Certification Programs

Virginia Land Title Association is the ONLY provider of the Virginia Certified Title Examiner (VCTE) course and the Virginia Certified Title Settlement Agents (VCTSA) course. These classes offer basic and advanced training for land title professionals in Virginia. Are you looking to demonstrate that your staff is well trained to keep up with the burden of compliance? Consider the VCTE & VCTSA courses as your ally. Click here for more information