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VICEBAgent/Underwriter/Producer CE

Important Information

The Virginia Insurance Continuing Education Board has changed some of the requirements and deadlines for both resident and non-resident agents. The changes outlined below will simplify the administrative process for the agent to comply with the continuing education ("CE") requirements.

  • The $20 Continuance fee must be paid by both resident and nonresident agents and the fees must be received by Pearson Vue by November 30, 2018. There is no longer an extension into the 2017-2018 Biennium.
  • If you are a Virginia resident you must complete the proper courses on or before November 30, 2018, or file the appropriate exemption or waiver request with all required documents, and pay the $20 Continuance fee.
  • Required CE Credits:  16.0 hour continuing education if you hold one license type; at least three credit hours of Ethics (which may include Virginia Insurance Law and Regulations) in each biennium and no more than 75 percent of your required credits may be obtained from courses sponsored by insurance companies or agencies. Please note that Insurance Law and Regulations credits will count toward the Ethics requirement.
  • On or about December 1, 2018, the Bureau will send pre-termination notices to those who are not compliant. Agents will have a 31-day period (beginning on December 1, 2018) as a final opportunity to correct any CE deficiencies, by completing the required coursework and/or paying the $20 nonrefundable Continuance fee.

Agents can use the VA Bureau of Insurance (BOI) website to look up their VA License Number or NPN. Go online to the VA BOI website, select Producer, and then select Producer Lookup and enter the required information.

The CE Board may send courtesy communications via email. It is recommended that agents maintain their email address with the Bureau of Insurance. Agents may update their email address with the Bureau online at

General Requirements:

Pearson VUE, in partnership with Sircon, administers all facets of the continuing education program for the Virginia Insurance Continuing Education Board (pdf). Each biennium (which ends on December 31 of each even-numbered year), resident and nonresident agents and consultants must be in compliance with Virginia CE statues to maintain their license(s). View requirements information(pdf) and statutory requirements beginning with §38.2-1866.

Claiming CE Credits

The Virginia Bureau of Insurance will continue to use Pearson VUE as administrator for Continuing Education credits. The Virginia Insurance Continuing Education Board has eliminated the need to claim your credits; however, this change does not relieve you of the responsibilities to comply with your Virginia CE requirements including payment of the $20 processing fee at

Excess CE Credits

Excess credits can be carried over into the next biennium. If you earn more than 75% of your required course credits for the current biennium from company-sponsored or agency-sponsored courses, any excess will be carried over to the next biennium.

Missing CE Credits

If you are missing credits related to a course you attended that was sponsored by Virginia Land Title Association, please contact us and we will investigate the discrepancy.

Exempting CE Credits

The Virginia Insurance Continuing Education Board has in place the opportunity to apply for Continuing Education Exemption. You can now apply for CE exemption if you are age 65 AND 20 years licensed. Click here to download the form!

If you have any questions or comments after reviewing the Continuing Education Handbook, call 877-234-6093 or email [email protected]

VSBCLE Requirements

The Virginia Supreme Court has established, by Rule of Court, a mandatory continuing legal education program in the Commonwealth of Virginia, which requires each active member of the Virginia State Bar annually to complete a minimum of twelve (12) hours of approved continuing legal education courses, of which at least two (2) hours shall be in the area of legal ethics or professionalism, unless expressly exempted from such requirement. The Virginia Supreme Court has established a Continuing Legal Education Board to administer the program and has given to it those general administrative and supervisory powers necessary to effectuate the purposes of the Rule, including the power to adopt reasonable and necessary regulations consistent with the Rule. Pursuant to this authority, these regulations have been adopted by the Continuing Legal Education Board. Verify your attendance online at, VSB's online credit reporting tool.

NOTE: 2017 classes will be numbered "LAEE###"

TETSACertification Continuing Education

Virginia Land Title Association offers continuing education credits for its VCTE and VCTSA certifications. To maintain certification status, all CCE credits are due on or before the continuing education deadline. Current deadlines: VCTSA (12/31/2019), VCTE (12/31/2019).

View the complete CCE Guidebook on our Certification Continuing Education page.
Earn credits at Live events such as Annual Convention or our Virtual Fall Seminar
Earn credits online at VLTA's new online training portal
Learn how to check your CCE Transcript online at CCE Transcript